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Iron Frypans & Woks


Made of 99.9% iron, our carbon steel pans will quickly reach high temperature, necessary to create the “Maillard reaction”, a cooking process from 140 to 165 °C  which will crust and sear perfectly meat, poultry and fish while keeping their tender texture and improving the flavor of meat juices. It’s ideal as well to brown vegetables and potatoes, grill, fry, or deep fry anything with greater result.

  • Healthy cooking material, iron pans have no coating but will nonetheless develop natural nonstick properties with time and a process called “seasoning”, which will protect them as well from rust.
  • Rust is a natural phenomenon for iron pans. It is not dangerous; it can be removed easily and is not a default of the iron pan. The seasoning process at home will protect it.


If you’re not yet familiar with Iron pans, read our FAQ about the special care they need, rust, and their seasoning.



"We have always live in harmony with our environment. We Focus on Sustainability"

From making cookware to bee-keeping, there is nothing we can't do.

Mineral B Element

The iconic and traditional curved iron handle praised by Chefs and widest choice of pans: steak grill, wok, pancake, plancha...

Mineral B Removable

Smart de Buyer’s removable handle system to optimize your oven baking option and kitchen storage space.


Mineral B Pro

Professional comfort for this cast stainless-steel handle version able to sustain higher temperature in oven.

Mineral B French

A long handle in the shape of the Eiffel tower as a tribute to Paris and the made in France of de Buyer’s collections.

Mineral B Wood

Three natural elements: steel, wood handle and beeswax, used to symbolize the ecological commitment of de Buyer

De Buyer iron pan are one of the world's best-selling and most popular pans among cooking lovers

De Buyer produces the purest carbon steel pans in the world, with 99.9% raw iron used, an extremely low impurity rate, no heavy metals, and no coating. They are healthy and naturally non-stick cookware!

  • Iron pan is the most natural non-stick pan, no coating
  • Iron as the highest-efficiency heat conduction after copper and iron pots and pans will not deteriorate if heated for a long time
  • Fry all kinds of ingredients in your iron pan. Thanks to the quick increase in temperature, the natural flavor can be best preserved
  • In terms of grilling and frying, non-stick pan or stainless steel cannot replace iron for crusting or caramelizing so well. Copper can, but you will need a higher budget.
  • Economical price, extremely long lifespan, no need to change the pot all the time

If you like cooking, you must not miss iron pans in your kitchen.